Monday, July 30, 2007

Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Whoa!

Two of my goals this season are improving my core strength and increasing my flexibility. I located a great set of exercises using a stability ball. My first thought was, this is kinda goofy, maybe a bit girly, and should be very light exercise... oh boy was I wrong!

The set took less than 45 mintues. I did it just before I got ready to meet a friend for dinner on Satuday night. Didn't feel like a very strenuous workout. But, by the time dinner was over my muscles were stiffening up...

By Sunday... I was hurting and walking like Fred G. Sanford! What I thought was a goofy, make sure the curtains are closed, type of exercise set...took me to my knees. I have a whole new respect for those balls!

I'm still closing the curtains though!

Recovery Ride, Take 2...
Needless to say, tonght was a recovery ride. Unlike my last one, I acutally did a recovery ride. Like my last one I enjoyed a post ride Sunshine beer. I was still tempted to bring the heat, but I kept it in a medium gear, and just free spun. My sore legs appreciated it. After a hot soaking bath, I can walk normal again. Almost as good as George Jefferson. YeeHa!

Harbinger of Problems?

My rear brake is squawking. Not squeeking or chirping - SQUAWING! It got so bad that I had to stand up to apply it. The vibration passing up the frame and through the saddle felt very, ummm, tingly on parts that aren't supposed to tingle during a ride! Maybe it's a design feature, but I don't like it.

I took a glance at the rotor...

It looks like there's atleast some funny wear going on here. It may be time for pads. I don't know I didn't bother to investigate any further. I just put the bike away and hit the tub. I found all the tech for the brakes here on Avid's website. Armed with enough knowledge to really mess things up, I'm pulling the the wheels to take a look tomorrow - perhaps during lunch.